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Friday, August 19, 2005

Madden breaks records. o_O

- Electronic Arts has announced that its newest football game, Madden NFL 2006, has broken sales records for the series and moved 1.7 million copies across all platforms in its first week. "Gamers were demanding the best Madden NFL Football ever this year and the response at retail indicates that we delivered the game that everyone wanted," said EA Vice President of Marketing Todd Sitrin. "Consumers have voted with their dollars, and the vote is in -- this is the best version of Madden NFL Football ever."

The sales figures obviously have nothing to do with the fact that Madden is now the only NFL game on the market.


Blogger SB said...

It's not that it's the only NFL game on the market, it's that EA owns the licenses for all the other NFL games out there, like ESPN 2k5, and NCAA football (while not a NFL game, a football game nonetheless). Damn you EA.

12:10 AM, August 20, 2005


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