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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

ArtRage and BlackBox

Think I'm finally starting to get the hang of ArtRage/InkArt.

Also managed to find me a nice shell replacement. Been looking for a good low-overhead one for some time now, and all I could find was the resource-heavy stuff like WindowBlinds and ObjectDesktop. Then someone on Tablet PC Buzz mentioned that he had gotten bblean running on TabletXP with no missing functionality. That was enough for me. Skinnable, low-overhead shell without compromising any TabletXP features?

I've since gotten bblean up and running on the Tablet, and I've been more than happy with it. The "Start Menu", as you can see, cascades through your entire drive, if you so choose. Huge range of widgets, too, via Konfabulator. Heck, my battery gauge is now represented by a smiley that goes from happy to sad. Nifty stuff.


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