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Friday, March 10, 2006


Decided to start up that Caravaggio copy.

Initial sketch plus value dump, 15 minutes

Another half an hour in. I dipped David's left arm too much. Will have to fix that for the next round. I should also probably be calling this another value study, rather than a master copy.

Previous update

Update 11 March:
Nursing a cracking headache, so not much progress. Switching modes between this and focusing on math class was not a good idea. :p

March 11 update

And another update:
Spent another hour, I think, spread out over a few 10-15 minute spurts. All that drapery can make baby Jesus cry. Randomly, I noticed that Goliath looks rather like Zod. :p


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude. i never knew you could draw so well. otherwise, I would've commissioned you to draw me having sex w/ hermione long ago.


11:14 PM, March 10, 2006


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