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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Metal Gear Awesome

Okay, so this is relatively old news, but I hadn't been sold until today. Now, I'd heard about the MGS digital PSP comic sometime back, and I thought it was pretty awesome that Ashley Wood was doing the art for it. That said, I pretty much wrote it off as a gimmicky thing, an ebook-style comic. Then today I saw a trailer for it.

This is pretty fucking compelling stuff. They've actually managed what looks to be a successful marriage of media and styles, and I'm chuffed as shit to see the end product. I'll just have to convince one of my friends to buy it, since I still don't (nor likely plan to) own a PSP. :)

And of course, the title of this entry simply begs the pimping of Metal Gear Awesome. It's oldish, but pretty fucking hilarious.


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