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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Trying not to get shot

Well, it's been a vaguely busy week. Rome and Matt arrived on Sunday, at the ungodly hour of 6.35am, after which we proceeded to spend the next three days doing the touristy stuff that I hadn't gotten around to doing since I'd been back. I'll have pictures up sometime tomorrow, once I've sorted through them. But yeah, fun times. :) Managed to not get shot while attempting to visit the Istana, a historical and colonial building that houses our President. Apparently it's only open to visitors a couple days a year on certain public holidays, or so we were told by the 5-0 on gate duty. He, along with the two other cops backing him up (and approaching us very warily), seemed infinitely relieved that our only purpose in approaching the gate was to ask if we could visit, or at least take pictures from the exterior.

Tonight, on a whim (and somewhat inspired by the thread on with pictures of everyone's work area), I decided to finally get off my ass and, well, reorganize my room. See, before I moved back in, my folks were using my current bedroom as a storeroom. It still shows evidence of that, but it's looking a sight better than just a couple hours ago. Moved my bed, moved a bunch of stuff, tossed a shitload of stuff, and still have a bunch of stored stuff I'm hoping to be able to move out of the room. Anyways, I've gone from this trainwreck (note the piles of junk on my work desk, the two large suitcases beside that, and the completely inaccessible desk to the right) to this:

Spidey says 'fuck you' :p

After moving my bed, I found enough room to setup a makeshift drafting table (hard to tell, but it's at a 30-ish degree tilt), though I'm going to have to jerry-rig some kind of narrow shelf at the lower edge.

Also, In the process of moving shit around, I found my mom's old stash of acrylics. I had an artbin full of bloody acrylics sitting right next to me all these months!

Now I just need to see about getting new curtains. That blue and jaundice set on my windows ain't cuttin' it right now. :p

Whoops, just realized that the bedside table is blocking access to the pullout spare bed. Frack.


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