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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Nintendo, I lubs you.

If this all turns out to be some huge April Fool's joke, I shall cry.

Imagine using the Revo controller to paint some happy trees, and happy clouds, and happy mountains. Imagine making a bunch of happy mistakes on your Revo.

March 31, 2006 - In news that breaks free from the shackles of abnormal and jumps headfirst into the realm of surreal, independent development studio AGFRAG Entertainment Group has announced that it is working on videogames based on the cult television icon Bob Ross.
AGFRAG made the announcement yesterday, prompting concerns from skeptics of an early April Fool's joke. We contacted AGFRAG directly for clarification.

"The press release is not a joke, but the side effect of people thinking it is might help us get noticed," explained Joseph Hatcher, who heads up the company brining Bob Ross to Nintendo's systems.

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And almost as cool are rumors of a possible DS port of Mario Paint.

I'll say it again: I fucking love you, Nintendo.


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