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Monday, February 12, 2007

Been a while

So 2007's been pretty good to me so far, I've gotta say. I've been making more of a point of just hanging out with friends, old and new, whether it's just chilling at the workshop playing Test Drive Unlimited and Rainbow 6 Vegas, visiting a flea market, watching a play, or getting completely and utterly shitfaced at the resident cantopop club. I may have to take it easy on the drink, though... Saturday saw me waking up still drunk, and remaining that way all the way til 4 in the fuckin' afternoon... o_O I'm almost apprehensive about the 23rd. Almost. My liver, on the other hand, is most definitely cringing, crying even, with the anticipation of the stupid amounts of alkie my friends are inevitably going to hit me with.

I'm certainly looking forward to the next few months, though. Come 1st March, I'll once again be officially unemployed and freelancing, leaving me a good month to really hang out with friends and then get everything prepped before I ship my ass out of the country for roughly two months of traipsing around Europe. I pretty much have free accommodation sussed for quite a number of countries, which lessens the monetary blow significantly, but godDAMN the initial outlay is still eating a huge chunk out of my MX-5 money. But then, I kinda need this trip for myself. Just being out there all on my own, getting inspired by the sights and sounds, being in Europe for the first time since childhood, and travelling to parts of Europe I had previously only dreamed of, and of course, visiting and meeting friends and fellow artists for the first time. So. The MX-5 gets pushed to later in the year. If I'm lucky I'll be able to do a bit of contract work while on my travels, and be able to make my initial payments in Q3.

So far I've got accommodation confirmed in various parts of the UK, Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, with probables in Ireland and Portugal, and possibles in Scotland and Latvia. Nobody in the Czech Republic so far, but I'm hitting that regardless. And of course the Massive Black/ workshop that's going to be taking place in Florence.

I am pumped.


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