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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More DS fun

Started off creating some art assets and making notes about gameplay mechanics for a game I intend to ultimately put together for the DS. Still a ways off, since I need to kidnap a DS programmer, but things are looking promising. I've got a buddy who's already helping me out with art assets as well as suggestions on gameplay mechanics and controls, and another buddy who may hop on board to help with concepts (this would rock hard, since he's an awesome concept artist and illustrator).

It's been interesting so far, since I've set myself some fairly ridiculous technical limitations due to the genre of the game, along with the rather limited horsepower available to the DS. Hence, characters that range from 100 to 150 triangles, including optional bits like pouches, etc. Swappable body parts are in, though, which should help with variety. Textures are fucking tiiiny, at a total of 64x64 per character, split up into various maps, but I've also unwrapped the humans in such a way that they can pretty much share textures if need be.

Less talk, more pimp:

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First texture set is a bit of an homage (still wip). Note that both male and female models are sharing exactly the same texture
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Then I went off and got myself a little sidetracked, lol (also wip)
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And some mix n match testing with the textures from above (I knew I had a good reason for splitting up the mesh and textures!)
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