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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Artsy stuff. Again.

Couldn't sleep, so I spent another hour, I think, on the puppy portrait. At this point, I think it's as done as it's going to get, but I may work on it a little more at some juncture.

In related news, I managed to snag myself a Tablet PC (thanks mom and dad!). One of these babies to be precise. Fun stuff, though there appear to be issues getting my damned Treo Hotsync software installed. Will try again tomorrow armed with new information. On the bright side, it's got a built-in SD card reader, so I'll get some pics uploaded soon enough.

Now I really need to try and hit the sack.

edit: Threw down some colors on the puppy. She was previously looking a little too monochrome.


Blogger SB said...

Don't lose this tablet PC like I did.....

11:40 PM, August 13, 2005

Blogger neal said...

Hrm... Actually, I stole it and sold it on ebay.

1:53 AM, August 14, 2005

Blogger SwissMiss said...

Aweswome baby! You lucky rascal! I want one too! You did great with Tian Tian's nose :-P

5:12 AM, August 15, 2005


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