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Thursday, August 18, 2005

More mucking about with the new toy

So after asking around on the TreoCentral and TabletPCBuzz forums, I managed to get a dirty workaround for the issue of Palm Hotsync software not installing properly on Windows Tablet PC Edition. That's one thing off the checklist.

With that done, I spent a good chunk of the day getting reacquainted with scripting, after finding AutoIt, a lovely little free scripting engine for Windows. Since HP's software doesn't allow for application-specific functionality for the various hardware buttons on the tablet, I set out to add that functionality myself. After much effort getting my grubby paws acquainted with AutoIt, and with some help from the helpful folks on the official forums, I managed to write myself a nice little keystroke capture program that isn't very heavy at all on CPU cycles or RAM. Now the hardware buttons are actually useful in my graphic apps. :) It took some effort, but it was certainly worth it.

Now, I really need to get some sleep, seeing as it's five in the morning here. Again. I gotta stop doing this. o_O


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