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Sunday, September 18, 2005


...the world's full of 'em. o_O

I have wished death and debilitating disease on more people today than in my entire lifetime prior. What a day. *sigh*

J asked if I wanted to work with her friend's event planning company for the weekend, helping with setting up and whatnot of a local music and arts fest. Figured, hey, get a bit of cash on the side. Why not? After all, the weekend was ostensibly to consist of "pretty much sitting around and smoking a lot." Easy money. I shoulda called bullshit. To be fair, she wasn't expecting the workload either. And none of the four of us in a group could have foreseen the sheer concentration of utter asshats at and around the event staging area. Choicest conversation snippet of the day came while I was keeping people out of the VIP reception area before the intermission. A large African man (LAM) decked out in suit and tie came towards me, whom I figured was going to ask for directions somewhere:

LAM: Hi, what's this show about? I'm just going to take a seat right here.
Me: It's a local art and music fest, but I'm sorry, we're keeping this area clear for the VIP reception in a little bit.
LAM: Oh, it's okay, I'm a pastor.
Me: [so lemme guess. God gave you a fucking VIP pass] I see, but if you're not on the invited guests list, you'll have to move outside the CLEARLY DEMARCATED FUCKING BARRIERS! [emphasis post conversation]
LAM: I just want to watch the show. I'm a pastor, you know. Not from Singapore. You have to respect me.
Me: [respect this, you fat fuck] That's nice, but I'm still going to have to ask you to find a spot outside the reception area.
LAM: Yes, but I'm just trying to watch the show. I'm a pastor, you know. You should respect me. Are you a Christian, by the way?
Me: [I'm a fucking aetheist through and through, you thick fuck] *fumes, storms off to bitch to another crew member, resisting to the overwhelming urge to sucker punch the idiot*

Said idiot later attempted to freeload food from the reception, which got myself and J into a spot of chewing out.

But really. That was just one in a whole string of asshats I had to deal with today. Goddamnit people are fucking jackasses.

Yay. I get to do this all over again tomorrow. Preceded by a musical at mother's charismatic church. Shoot me now. Please. o_O



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