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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Silent Hill. Night. Something.

Gotta love the way distributors try to get publicity material for cheap. Design a movie poster for the upcoming Silent Hill flick. Win $2500 and a bunch of passes. I remember some pretty awful ones getting picked for the RE: Apocalypse contest, too. Anyways, ignoring the US Resident requirement, get a load of the content restrictions:
  1. No nudity or sexual activity

  2. No gun to camera/no shooting to camera

  3. No gun to victim/no shooting to victim

  4. No more than 2 guns may appear

  5. No reference to drugs/drug paraphernalia

  6. No offensive language or gestures

  7. No blood

  8. No violence towards women

  9. No cruelty to animals

  10. No mutations/mutilations/cadavers

  11. No excessive violence or brutality

  12. No rape/molestations

  13. No people on fire

  14. No people in explosion/people blown out of explosion

  15. No exploiting/capitalizing on rating (i.e., "R has never gone this far", "Banned in Boston")

  16. No demeaning of religion, race or national origin

I've gotta say. Some of that shit is hilarious. The specificity just blows my mind (14 cracks me up). But ignoring that for a moment. What the hell game do they think they're adapting for the big screen? I mean, Jesus, take two-thirds of the restricted list, and you've practically got the bullet points for the game series.


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