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Monday, February 06, 2006


After what must be over two years of visiting the Polycount forums, I've finally come out of lurkage. We're going to war, baby, and we're gonna whup some CGChat ass. My chances of coming out on top are slim, considering the insane talent enlisting, but that matters not. What matters is that regardless of skill, talent, experience, we all answer the call to arms, and take the fight to the snivelling CGChat bastiches. If I go down, I'm taking half a dozen of them with me. For great justice!

And just in case y'all think I've gone positively batty:
The Dominance War: CGChat vs. Polycount

This'll be a fucking fantastic experience, and great fun, to boot.

Oh yeah, I've already got a rough backstory fleshed out for my General, and have started playing around with concepts (can you say "Quato?"). Thanks to some great advice from one of the industry heavies, though, I'm going to be seriously revisiting the original visual concept. Should be a blast.

Update 7 Feb, 0418:
Spent some time today doing some thumbnail silhouettes, to play around with different ideas. A lot of the ideas didn't really pan out (like having the little dude growing out of the big guy's back, hunchback style), but managed to come up with a couple that I think are worth expanding on. Major change is that the big guy is now a chick. Because nothing really screams creepy like a nasty little fucker growing out of a chick's gut, copping a feel during a lull in the fighting.


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