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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Argh. I've got another 8 days (whoops, looks like it's 4) to pre-order the special edition of Expose 4, and there's also the upcoming CG Overdrive. (Carlos Baena, Daniel Martinez Lara, and Robert Chang will be speaking and holding workshops. And Feng Zhu!!!1!11one!! Fuckin' A.) Plus I need to pick up an extra gig or two of RAM. @_@ Oh yeah. And a pair of inline skates. Heck, there's a skate park right outside the building where the gym is located. :p

Anyways, another SP. Starting to get a hang of the colors, but still need more practise. Look! Eyebrows! And blue hair. o_O

Straight out of Artrage2

Used the liquify filter in PS to fix up some proportions and obvious screwups, and auto-leveled it:


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