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Monday, April 24, 2006

Muay Thai goodness

So the muay thai tourney was pretty awesome. Apparently we actually have a decent muay thai presence here in Singapore. The amateur fights, which made up the majority of the tourney were pretty dull, with one notable exception (this mofo really went all out, unlike the others), but the pro fights were real crowd-pleasers.

First up was a female match, a Singaporean girl vs the top female Thai kickboxer. We lost that one, but our girl put up quite a fight. Next up was one of ours vs an Australian. That one ended in a draw, but it was a solid match overall. The last one, though, was the real kicker. Some of my mates knew the Singaporean fighter (the guy DJs part time, with muay thai as his day job), and he just about whupped the Canadian fighter silly. In the final round, he delivered a knockout kick to the side of Canuck's head (framegrab from the vid I took with the Treo):

Feckin' awesome stuff. Then I went off and got shitfaced with my mates. :p Which resulted in a 15-minute drunk SP after getting home:

And today/last night's SP. Still need to work on the whole likeness thing:


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