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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Got my entry for the first round of Thunderdome: Last Man Standing 2 in on time. Tyranx will very likely hand my ass to me on a plate, but it's cool. I'm fairly happy with my painting, even though there are areas I could've improved on. Most people I showed it to for crits loved the concept. :) We're not supposed to show our pieces until the official thread goes up on Friday afternoon PST, so I'll link it up then.

Aaand for some reason I've got smiley fever:

Marko Djurdjevic:

Android (Andrew Jones):

Slash's Pencil Holder:

and last but not least, Quicksilver's mitten bop:

Quicksilver loved the mitten bop smiley. :D And Jason might add these (along with those done by 0kelvin and fooxoo) to the forum smiley list. Yay! :D

Added one more of fooxoo:

Marko's secret to drawing

Art gauntlet!:


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