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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Best. Movie. Ever.

Black Sheep

I am so there.

Agh, fuck, I keep doing this

Domain expiration always manages to sneak up on me like this.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sick of this nice guy shit

I am sick of being the nice guy that gets passed over. Sick of it. Fucking sick of it.

Reunion fun

Well this Sunday I headed up to Kuala Lumpur for the first time since I finished junior high. Informal reunion going on, so I bussed up there and met up with old schoolmates. Holy crap, almost everyone looked exactly the same. It was like stepping into a time warp. 4pm to 11pm were filled with silly stories from school, as well as everyone catching up with everyone. 12-14 years we hadn't seen each other, for the most part, and it was fantastic to see everyone again. Hell, I even found out a bunch of my old schoolmates are based right here in Singapore.

After 11 came the idiocy. :) Mac's dumbest suggestion of the night was to hop the fence at what remained of our old school, which was now a more or less abandoned compound. And so ten of us set off. One torn dress, one busted ankle and my own ripped up hands and right arm later, we were inside, walking the grounds in the middle of the night, beers in hand, reminiscing, and hoping not to run into groups of crazy druggies. Y'know, I had never been in school after nightfall, so I had never realised what an awesome view we were privy to.

We've gotta do another one of these before another 12 years passes us by.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


"not ready to date yet"

Monday, January 01, 2007

Well that went over well. I think.

Jesus, she fucking loved the gift. Overwhelmed. Approaching incoherent. Best, most personal gift she'd ever gotten. Thank you thank you thank you i don't know what to say how can I make this up to you wow. Naturally, despite all the deliberation beforehand, I decided this would be a poor time to let her know just how I feel about her. That and the fact that her response was just way way more awesome than I had even hoped to anticipate, enough to leave myself a little speechless. Anyways, I figured I really didn't want to seem like I was forcing her hand. Hopefully that doesn't completely backfire on me, because I know it's done so before. Hah.

Borat was fucking hilarious, though I have to admit that Cohen routinely went way too far. Gawd did my abs burn by the end of the movie.

Happy New Year, y'all!