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Monday, May 28, 2007

Millionaire Tycoon Bastard

Kiss the ring, bitch.

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I'll finish him up eventually (maybe do another variant or two while I'm at it), but I was itching to get back to the DS project (I gotta come up with a working title at some point).

Started putting together a test environment, just to get a better idea of the sort of per-frame polycount I can expect to be dealing with. The terrain is a hopeful at the moment, and whether the final product will be triangulated depends on whether the DS hardware will consider a non-planar quad as a quad, or a pair of tris (if the former, it'll help just that little bit with the DS' 2048 poly limit).

Did up a 2-storey (plus rooftop deck) house that's currently not very practical. I'll be adding rooms and whatnot soon enough. Currently the [vastly incomplete] scene stands at about 1250 tris (though mostly in quads, which will give me more leeway with the DS poly limit), and with occlusion and backface culling, between 500-700 tris (mind you, only a portion of the scene will be visible in gameplay, or so the plan goes).

A silly anigif showing the floors:

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