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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Oh noes, our jobs are being stolen!


Y'know, there are few things that piss me off more than abject nationalism. I don't mean pride in your country or countrymen, or patriotism, etc. No, I mean the bloody uproar that goes on everytime a large US-based company opens up a plant, branch, or other such subsidiary in a foreign country. Oh, sure, the arguments are usually spiced up with comments about the unethicality of slaving out labor for cheap, or sweatshop-like conditions, but let's be honest. The uproar comes from jobs being lost to foreign countries. Never mind the amount of talent and labor from other nations lost to the US. Oh no, that's okay because the US is at the center of the fucking universe. Nevermind that nary an eyebrow is raised when foreign companies open up shop in the US, creating millions of jobs for their labor market. Oh no, it's perfectly natural for every large company to want to come to the US, what could be wrong about that? They all might as well be American anyways. Nokia? Couldn't be Swedish. Mitsubishi? Oh wait, nevermind; bought over by an American company.

Now, granted, George Lucas isn't one of my favorite people. He did, after all shit all over the Star Wars franchise, and will likely continue to do so well after he's six feet under. He is a cheap bastard, from most accounts. He is a bit of a dick, as far as I'm concerned. It's obviously a flat out lie to say that he opened up a studio in Singapore because he wants to get his foot in the door with Anime (yes, he actually said that). Y'know what, though? He also just ramped up his CA-based studios. It's not like he's shutting his doors in the US.

But all said, I guess it doesn't matter to most of the naysayers. To them, US companies setting up overseas will always equate to some evil plot by said companies to shit all over the hardworking US citizen. To shit all over the country. To shit all over the sweatshop-working sons of bitches they hire for fucking peanuts in the foreign countries. Hey, did you know? Singapore's still a fucking third-world country. Yeah, that's right. This third world country just stole your jobs. Third world. What a bunch of fucktards.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too fucking true man. The thing I love about the "Third World" label is that people use it like the US is the First World or something. Forgetting that the western hemisphere (yeah, the whole damn hemisphere) is the "New World" and Europe is the "Old World". Laying that out makes it pretty clear that the whole terminology is based on racist/imperialist conquest and should be scrapped. (maybe I should have extended that rant tag to the end of the comments?)

11:39 PM, August 07, 2005


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