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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The only thing that sucks about Serenity... that it makes me want more. Here's hoping it makes enough to get the wheels turning on another movie or series deal. I believe Joss Whedon said something about $50mil domestic (US), or $80mil internationally.

To expand a little on the mystery movie deal. Serenity isn't slated for theatrical release in Singapore until January, so I was pretty bummed when I found out. The mystery movie deal mentioned a PG-rated sci-fi flick that hadn't been screened in theatres here before. Its running time was listed as 120 minutes. Seemed close enough that our hopeful minds convinced us that it had to be Serenity. Setting ourselves up for a huge disappointment, the three of us gathered at the theatre, hoping beyond hope. I think if any tears were shed, they were brought on by sheer elation. We were like three little boys in a candy shop. :)

Here's hoping for more Firefly.

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