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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


...or lack thereof.

It's been a slow couple weeks. Work that I've been meaning or needing to get done has progressed at absolute snails' pace. My ADD seems to have kicked into high gear, so much so that there are days I can't even sit through an entire song without skipping down the playlist. I can't focus on any one thing long enough to even get anything insignificant done. I've gotten almost no art done, lacking any sort of vision to create anything, and lacking the attention span to even do a quick still life study. I figured I had to do something, since this was going nowhere, and fast.

So. In the last few days, I've applied for a BS (as in, not bullshot) course in Information and Communications Technology at a local university, picked up a copy of David Allen's Getting Things Done (the term GTD has been bandied around so fucking much in Tablet and management circles that I just had to see what the fuss was about, and it looks pretty promising; I'll update as I read more). I've also been exploring the 30-day trial of GoBinder 2005. Been looking into organizational articles, time management, note taking tips, and compiling all kinds of shit into GoBinder so I can mark them up if I see fit. Also finally got me a fucking haircut. In typical me fashion, I don't fuck around when I get my haircuts, so it's real short and neat again.

GoBinder's a real piece of work. I'm liking what I'm seeing, but as with all software, there are little quirks and niggles that simply piss me off. Thankfully a good deal of them are being addressed in the 2006 edition, which apparently is very close to release. Free upgrade, too, god bless 'em. Been following some Tablet- and organization/management-focused blogs lately, chief among them Tracy and Trev's The Student Tablet PC, and Michael Hyatt's Working Smart.

So, that's my last couple weeks in a nutshell.

Oh, might be catching Serenity tonight. "Might," in this context, doesn't refer to the possibility of going to the theatre. No, it simply means that we literally don't know what they're screening. A buddy clued me in on some mystery flick being screened tonight, and common sense (or wishful thinking) tells us that it's got to be Serenity. If it isn't, well, with all this buildup there'll be at least three guys walking out of the theatre crying like little girls. Alternatively it could be a really awful flick that we can MST3K. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Blogger SwissMiss said...

You really applied for a BS in Information and Communications Technology at a local university?

11:08 PM, October 04, 2005

Blogger SwissMiss said...

Upload some pics of the new haircut! :-)

11:12 PM, October 04, 2005


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