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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Been a while

Haven't done anything art-related in some time, and there's a mini-mod to work on for Op Flashpoint, so I figured I should get started on the art assets.

First, the camera, in all its partly-textured glory, which I'm likely going to set aside to start a new one, since the mesh for this one's a bit of a mess. Also reworked one of the game animations as a test.

And the combat correspondent who'll be wielding the camera. Sans head and hands. And texture.
edit: Replaced the first pic with an updated mesh. Will work on the shorts version once the mesh is closer to finalized

Eventually I'll hopefully have a fully-animated guy (I'll have to rework most of the animations), and a range of different cameras, from compact digitals, to telephoto monsters like the one above. With some solid scripting, I should be able to get them usable in-game. Might knock up a videocamera just for kicks.

Fun stuff.

edit: And now, after a bit of sleep... Wow, those are some fucked up proportions!


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