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Friday, December 09, 2005


Spotted on ActionTrip and Voodoo Extreme:
NovaLogic...was fined $153,500 after an audit found it had unlicensed copies of Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, FileMaker, Macromedia, Microsoft and Symantec software on its computers.

Jesus H Christ. You'd think a big company like Novalogic would take the trouble to legally obtain its software. Especially since, y'know, they develop software. How the hell did they get away with a simple fine, though? And a fucking paltry one at that, all things considered. What, because they're a big company with clout? Or is it because, y'know, all of that software had been unknowingly obtained?
"NovaLogic Inc. is committed to full compliance with software licensing requirements," President Lee Milligan said in a statement. "As a software developer, our organization depends on respect for our intellectual property rights. NovaLogic regrets the inadvertent violation of license agreements* and is committed to rigorous respect for the intellectual property rights of others."

*emphasis mine



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