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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Liquid Lizard! Huh, wha...?

edit: swapped out the img tags since the next entry has better updates.

Yes, horrible name, but the guy has started looking a lot like some kind of MGS reject (he looks like he really really really wanted to snag the part of Solid Snake :p).

Anyways, still WIP, and needs some optimising (eg, the torso is still present underneath the LBV). Eventually it'll get rigged, textured, and posed+animated.

2013 tris (sans accessories)
3261 tris (with guns, holsters, sword, oakleys, cig)

As you can tell, the accessories also need heavy heavy optimisation. Will likely work on the pants some more, and the LBV is still in its infancy.

Anyways, piccies!

Head, shaded
Fron/back wires

Head wires, sans hair and accessories:

And the accessories:


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