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Monday, May 15, 2006


I think I've officially run out of room on the vest to put anymore crap. :( I'd have to get rid of some more pouches, and I don't particularly want to do that (already gotten rid of 3 so far). That said, I think he's got a well-rounded selection of weapons and accessories. The new accessories need optimising still (shotgun and grenade launcher), but I decided to unwrap the main mesh first and start painting.

The shotgun. I'm rather happy with the customisation. Took the shortest combat shotgun I could find... and shortened it even more, while "fixing" it so it could conceivably work. :D I don't think you'd hit anything past 2 feet with that barrel, though, nevermind the fact that you could probably only fit 2 shells in that magazine. :D

Oh yeah, and here's Pooky! Because even a nails bastard needs some company sometimes. :D

And here's the first pass at the head texture (hairstrips, cigarette and oakleys hidden). I added a throat mic, too. Ambient at 66%, 1 spot, and 1 fill:


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