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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Light Surgeons

Went down to Zouk last night for an event, after my buddy raved about the Light Surgeons, who were doing the opening set. Seriously cool stuff, with pretty awesome music, and live video editing to go along with it. The fact that they interspersed the video with footage and soundbites from some awesome movies (The Warriors, Apocalypse now, Full Metal Jacket, and Yojimbo were the ones I recognised) only made the deal sweeter. The free Henessy and green teas didn't hurt, either.

Then came the pretty appalling fashion show with models who couldn't walk. -.-

Met up with some more buddies after that, and it remained a fairly light drinking night. Until one of my buddies decided we should join his friend at her table. Bad move. I ended up with seven full seconds worth of Hennesy VSOP washing down my throat. o_O

Anyways, off to Starbucks for some sketching. :)


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