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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Homebrew goodness

I can't begin to express how chuffed I am that the powers-that-be have finally started to embrace garage developers. I've been pretty excited about XNA since Microsoft announced that they would release the framework, allowing garage shops, hobbyists and students to legally develop for the 360 without the need for a bloody expensive devkit. Honestly, this, along with the stupidly high projected sale price of the PS3, pretty much has me itching for a 360. Hmm, I should pick up a wired 360 controller tomorrow.

The other cool thing is the MS partnership with GarageGames, and the soon-to-come closed beta of TorqueX, which'll just be rocking.

So I've been muddling through the included starter kit and looking through tutorials for the beta of XNA Game Studio Express, and it's just cool. The Component model (dunno if this is something that's in C# in general, since I've never actually coded in it before) looks like a great way to streamline development, and organise each project. One more fucking language to learn, though (C#).

And yet another language when I pick up a Supercard for my DSLite so I can do some homebrew for that system, too. The prospect of homebrew on a handheld, and especially for the DS, is even more exciting to me than for the 360.

Now if only someone would invent a way to get more bloody hours in a day.


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