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Monday, December 25, 2006

Random musing

Odd thought occurred to me as I smoked a cigarette, thinking about last night's revelry with friends, old and new alike, thinking about all the anguish (okay, I guess angst might be a better word) going around other circles:

All the sadness in the world, all the tragedies, the craziness going on... I think if nothing else at all, we owe it to ourselves, and to everyone else, to be happy, to enjoy life as we know it, to appreciate the good things, like friendship. I feel like we somehow taint the experiences of the tragic by coming up with faux outpourings of sympathy, and worse still when we wallow in self-pity of what our lives could be, could have been.

Maybe that's just me trying to make myself feel better for being a happy little bastard at the moment, but it works well enough for me (and pardon the shitty writing).

Once again, Merry Christmas, folks!


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