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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Almost there...

Well unwrapping this bastard was quite the learning experience.

Anyways, optimized the hell out of the mesh, in particular finalizing the mesh and getting rid of the edges running down the centerline of most of the components and the main body. I think I'm at under 4100 tris without weapons, and 4900 with weapons. Most of it is unwrapped, aside from the cockpit frame (which is proving quite the nightmare), and still finalizing the layout.

Whoops, got a little too careful about the layout, evidently. :D

Ortho wires and UV for anyone interested:
Ortho wires
Ortho with UV overlay

I'm either going to reorganize the current UV layout to give some components more texture space, or I'm just going to stick the cockpit UVs in the same sheet. Wing-mounted weapons each have their own sheets.

In other news, orientation's in seven and a half hours. Might be a good idea toget some sleep.


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