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Monday, May 22, 2006


Got rid of the shirt, since as we all know, hardness is inversely proportional to the amount of clothing a guy wears on his upper body. :p Musculature is getting blocked in, hue variation will come later, and I forgot the scapulae. Back of the arms are poo right now. Digital camo on the fatigues, and other little details and crunk.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Welcome to the Beginning of the End"

It's ON! Thunderdome: Last Man Standing 2, matchup #64. LoTekK vs entdroid vs Tyranx.

Tyranx. Two words: Oh shit. >_<

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Solidmetalliquidwtfbbq Snake

I keep looking at b1ll's stuff for inspiration but end up getting annoyed at his ridiculous skill. :p

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


So it looks like this teaching thing is actually going to happen. Not only are they going to let me get in front of a classroom and corrupt our youth, they're gonna pay me good money to do it. Even cooler still, I get major input into the development of this program (lesson plans and structure, etc).

Additionally, this guy's company currently does visualisation work for educational purposes, and he offered me either a part-time position or subcontract opportunity (depending on my preference) to help develop real-time interactive educational stuff. Jesus. Me and education. Whod'a thunk it.

Anyways, another quick update:

The box!

I actually managed to paint an ear that didn't suck.

Monday, May 15, 2006

What, me, teach?

How's this for crazy: I may have a teaching opportunity in the works; three 9-hour courses on 3D modelling and animation, covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced, to be taught to secondary school students. Meeting the organiser tomorrow afternoon to get a better picture, but I'm fucking chuffed that I might actually get an opportunity to teach. :)

In other news, Ego suggested on IRC that I should enter the 3D Journey Challenge (as opposed to the 2D one that I never got started). That once I'm done with the guy, I should build my entry around him. She's probably right. Could be a fun exercise, and I was already planning to get him rigged up anyways, as well as build an environment for him. Coming up with a Challenge entry looks like a distinct possibility.


I think I've officially run out of room on the vest to put anymore crap. :( I'd have to get rid of some more pouches, and I don't particularly want to do that (already gotten rid of 3 so far). That said, I think he's got a well-rounded selection of weapons and accessories. The new accessories need optimising still (shotgun and grenade launcher), but I decided to unwrap the main mesh first and start painting.

The shotgun. I'm rather happy with the customisation. Took the shortest combat shotgun I could find... and shortened it even more, while "fixing" it so it could conceivably work. :D I don't think you'd hit anything past 2 feet with that barrel, though, nevermind the fact that you could probably only fit 2 shells in that magazine. :D

Oh yeah, and here's Pooky! Because even a nails bastard needs some company sometimes. :D

And here's the first pass at the head texture (hairstrips, cigarette and oakleys hidden). I added a throat mic, too. Ambient at 66%, 1 spot, and 1 fill:

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Tweak tweak tweak.

Okay, did some fixing and added another accessory. The main reason the proportions were throwing me off was a slight miscalculation on the part of aligning my measuring grid (going with just shy of an 8-head-tall male):


Anyways, fixed up the overall proportions, tweaked the neck area, broadened the shoulders just a teeny bit, played with the forearms, and added a combat knife and sheath to the front of the LBV.

The forearm size is partly a stylistic choice, influenced heavily by Free Radical's art style (I've long been a fan). I may revisit them at a later juncture, though. I'll be fixing up the elbow area, though. "The arms...get too thin as they reach the distal epiphysis of the humerus." Damn you Theresa, what's with the fucking medical terms?

If you're wondering why the first tri count is actually lower this time, it's mainly because I accidentally included the cigarette in the tricount the first time round.

edit: Oops. Think the wire display got screwed up in the front view. :hmm: Relooped the knee area, though, it's mostly visible.

Liquid Lizard! Huh, wha...?

edit: swapped out the img tags since the next entry has better updates.

Yes, horrible name, but the guy has started looking a lot like some kind of MGS reject (he looks like he really really really wanted to snag the part of Solid Snake :p).

Anyways, still WIP, and needs some optimising (eg, the torso is still present underneath the LBV). Eventually it'll get rigged, textured, and posed+animated.

2013 tris (sans accessories)
3261 tris (with guns, holsters, sword, oakleys, cig)

As you can tell, the accessories also need heavy heavy optimisation. Will likely work on the pants some more, and the LBV is still in its infancy.

Anyways, piccies!

Head, shaded
Fron/back wires

Head wires, sans hair and accessories:

And the accessories:

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keepin' busy. Or something.

Uh, it's 6.30 in the morning. >_< Piccies!

And yes, that's a reference to Zoolander.

Sunset from photoref, still WIP (snapped the pic from the dining room window):

Silly lowpoly (under 500 tris) trout I modelled in about a half-hour after a bunch of the guys on #cgsociety accused me of having some sort of obsession with trout. ^_^

And a WIP lowpoly model (currently just shy of 1700 tris without the weapons) for fun/practise. I'll be rigging, unwrapping, texturing, posing, and animating, assuming all goes according to plan.