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Monday, July 31, 2006

Finally got that haircut

Umm. Cut line went a little higher than I realised. :p That said, the remaining hair's still wide enough to wear floppy for when I go into the office. But it's narrow enough to wear a mohawk. :D

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another [not-so-]speedie

About an hour and a halfish this time round.
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I start Tuesday!

So I met up with the new boss on Friday to go over the terms of employment, etc, and got everything all sorted, and we decided I'd start on Tuesday. Turns out there was a bit of a miscommunication, and my position title will be Creative Designer rather than Executive. Works well enough for me, and my buddies agreed that title made more sense. Roles and responsibilities remain the same, though, so I'll be in charge of design and (if the art assets we receive aren't up to snuff) illustration of box art as well as advertising and promotional materials for the titles we bring in for distribution, at some point designing the website for the casual games division, and overall branding for the division. If necessary, I'll also be responsible for outsourcing the above. Should be interesting, to say the least.

Went down to Zouk to celebrate with some of my buddies, and got kinda plastered. Again. Ade claims she's never seen me come out sober and go home sober. :X I gotta lay off the juice. o_O

Two more speedpaints. First one turned into an indistinct mess of colors and values.
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Next one didn't turn out too bad, if a little lazy.
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm a Cylon

So. Now that I've gone ahead and confirmed everything, I can actually say why I can't hit Europe for that month-long vacation I had semi-planned. Ready for it? Ready? Make sure y'all are sitting down, now.

As of today (though I haven't decided when to actually start), I'm the Creative Executive of the Safari Casual Games Division at Cylon Interactive Pte Ltd (gotta love that company name).

Bam! Took me as much by surprise as the rest of you, I guarantee you. I did a freelance gig with them doing a cover illustration for a game they were to be distributing, and they offered me the position. Bam! Floored.

So yeah, no Europe vacation. Still shooting for the MB Workshop, though. I'll be damned if I'm gonna miss that.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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4ish hours, ref'd from the kookiest building I found in my architecture photoref hunt. Could use cleanup/tightening, but I'm moving on with lessons learned.

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An hour, loosely ref'd.

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Half an hour, very loosely ref'd.
edit: plus another 10 or so minutes tightening up the foreground
edit2: and 20 more minutes refining and adding a foreground silhouette

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No Europe fer me

Got some unexpected opportunities that, while very cool, are gonna rule out my month-long holiday in Europe. Dammit, I had so many people to visit, too. Shouldn't be a problem making it for the workshop, though, it just won't be as cost-efficient as if I could spend a month pottering around the continent. Unless I can get the trip and/or the workshop paid for. Heh.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Got Head?

Decided to get started on the head studies Becca's been pimping. Bit thinner than ref, and I got lazy around the eyes, I think.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

CG Overdrive

Oh, right, forgot to link up my Thunderdome entry.

So CG Overdrive turned out to be really awesome. Feng Zhu rocked the house as expected, Andrew Gordon and Carlos Baena both gave awesome presentations, Daniel Martinez Lara was hilarious, and props to Steve Unterfrantz and Michael Connely for managing to hold everyone's interest in some incredibly technical topics. Meeting Steven Stahlberg and Robert Chang for dinner and drinks was awesome, especially since they served as my early inspirations and were incredibly generous and helpful when I was starting to learn.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Got my entry for the first round of Thunderdome: Last Man Standing 2 in on time. Tyranx will very likely hand my ass to me on a plate, but it's cool. I'm fairly happy with my painting, even though there are areas I could've improved on. Most people I showed it to for crits loved the concept. :) We're not supposed to show our pieces until the official thread goes up on Friday afternoon PST, so I'll link it up then.

Aaand for some reason I've got smiley fever:

Marko Djurdjevic:

Android (Andrew Jones):

Slash's Pencil Holder:

and last but not least, Quicksilver's mitten bop:

Quicksilver loved the mitten bop smiley. :D And Jason might add these (along with those done by 0kelvin and fooxoo) to the forum smiley list. Yay! :D

Added one more of fooxoo:

Marko's secret to drawing

Art gauntlet!: