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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Fuckin' plastered. damend crazy gamedves and their tequila shots . mohawk went over well, woot. talks wiht the unnacnoungced studio are going well, and more fereel ance opps coming my way. i love bein the only artist who bothers to go for these things

uh,eah, time for slseeetptyz.zzzzzzz

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I might be getting a coffee bitch?

Quiero Tenerte says (6:07 PM):
oiii...not heading home yet?
LoTekK says (6:08 PM):
heh, just about to get my shit packed up
LoTekK says (6:08 PM):
Quiero Tenerte says (6:08 PM):
im home!!!
Quiero Tenerte says (6:08 PM):
woo hooooo
Quiero Tenerte says (6:08 PM):

Nice way to end the work day. o_O

Had a shitty start to the day today, with Photoshit deciding to be completely uncooperative and deciding not to let me save my work (it refused to even quit gracefully, for crying out loud). After which point the day picked up considerably. Apparently the bosses have decided to cut short my already-short probation of 3 months, by an entire month. Once the end of the month hits, I'm off probation and get my employee benefits (leave, medical, etc), not to mention a pretty healthy pay jump. My boss seems to have plans for me to really step up my level of responsibility, and even alluded to getting my very own assistant somewhere down the line. Woot.

Anyways, gearing up for the Microsoft Game Developer Day in a few hours (why the hell am I not sleeping?! Oh, right, got myself completely hooked on Meteos). Anyhoo, should be pretty neat, with big shots from the US and Japanese Gaming divisions at the big M, covering everything from XNA to XBLA, to Vista. Being that the focus seems to be primarily programming, production, and distribution, I foresee myself being one of the few artists in attendance (though there might be some art director types around). With the print shop screwing up my namecard order, I'm up shit's creek with only 15 namecards left (and I was all chuffed about giving out my purdy double-sided namecards, too).

No matter, the mohawk should help keep me memorable enough. I'll likely be showing off my folio stuff on my DS as well, even though the Treo actually has a better screen (not to mention colour depth), simply because it'll certainly be different. It's all about the standing out tomorrow. Looking forward to the networking session at O Bar right after the seminar, too. Hmm, I wonder if I can claim drinks from work.

Now I just gotta figure out I'm going to juggle all these newfound freelance opportunities that seem to be coming my way.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What an odd day...

So I'm minding my own business at work, and I get a random Skype message (I tend to get these occasionally, usually from guys that go straight to my block list) from some girl in China. I was bored enough that I chatted with her for a bit.

~天涯~: 05:42:32
I dream of to go to Singapore, but did not go to over
Teck Lee Tan: 05:49:07
so how come you've never been to singapore?
~天涯~: 05:52:21
because i have no a friend in singapore now
~天涯~: 05:53:25
I have already had the friend, and that is you, Is and will plan to go to Singapore

I swear, some big burly psychopathic dude is gonna come to Singapore, hunt me down, and, I dunno, kill me or something. o_O

Then, once again, minding my own business, the sales exec walks into my office brandishing a j-porn magazine, saying: "Dude, see this? The chicks coming to the chalet look like that! I'll hook you up, man!" o_O

One more time, minding my own business at home, my dad comes in and asks me a couple things about work and school, how're you holding up, that sort of thing. Asks if I'm seeing anyone, then proceeds to ask if I'd be interested in meeting his young, good-looking, and rich colleague. o_O

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gotta love lull periods

Evidently, I had way too much free time on my hands today.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Took the (more or less) final version of the box that I illustrated, printed it on half an A4, cut, folded, taped. Sure beat spending the entire morning hunting for something to do.

About that illo, I gotta say, after a solid month-plus of almost purely design and layout work, finally getting to just sit and paint for three days was a really really welcome change.

Oh yeah, SLG, tried getting you on Saturday, but your MSN was signed in at the office, and today my MSN has decided to completely flake on me. So, happy belated birthday.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Homebrew goodness

I can't begin to express how chuffed I am that the powers-that-be have finally started to embrace garage developers. I've been pretty excited about XNA since Microsoft announced that they would release the framework, allowing garage shops, hobbyists and students to legally develop for the 360 without the need for a bloody expensive devkit. Honestly, this, along with the stupidly high projected sale price of the PS3, pretty much has me itching for a 360. Hmm, I should pick up a wired 360 controller tomorrow.

The other cool thing is the MS partnership with GarageGames, and the soon-to-come closed beta of TorqueX, which'll just be rocking.

So I've been muddling through the included starter kit and looking through tutorials for the beta of XNA Game Studio Express, and it's just cool. The Component model (dunno if this is something that's in C# in general, since I've never actually coded in it before) looks like a great way to streamline development, and organise each project. One more fucking language to learn, though (C#).

And yet another language when I pick up a Supercard for my DSLite so I can do some homebrew for that system, too. The prospect of homebrew on a handheld, and especially for the DS, is even more exciting to me than for the 360.

Now if only someone would invent a way to get more bloody hours in a day.