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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dammit, now I'm gonna be dreaming about this for months -.-

So we're driving over to my buddy's workshop to get some of the old gang together for dinner and drinks, and my buddy asks me, "so if you were to get a car, what do you think you'd get? Realistically, within budget, so don't tell me you'd get a 360." So I'm thinking for a second, and he throws out the MX-5, which I've always loved, and tells me I can probably get one for under $30k. Well, shit, now I'm not gonna be able to get that out of my head. Henceforth, I'm gonna see if I can get enough saved up for the downpayment by sometime next year, though apparently a loan may be a problem with that car (not to mention road tax, plus insurance for a damned soft-top). Ah well, at least when I do get one, I can console myself since it really does make for a good (and fun!) daily car. Too bad that damned Golf GTI is way out of my budget.

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Champagne has been put off til next week, owing to the stupid amounts of alcohol on Friday (I arrived at the club only to face down 7 trays of shooters, and 4 jugs of vodka-something), and the fact that py insisted on paying for the one bottle that I did order. Well, hopefully this time I can actually get a table booked. Alternately, find a somewhat quieter place, like Villa Bali or Wine Network.

Anyways, dinner and beer was fun. Some of the old gang together again, shooting the bull. I swear, we're having the same conversations now that we did 7, 8 years ago. 10 years from now, I would hope we still haven't grown up. :p


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