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Monday, November 27, 2006

"You don't look like a model o.O"

That's the kind of response I typically expect or receive when I mention I do 3D modelling to someone at the bar. Maybe not in so many words, but facial expressions say paragraphs of the stuff. The other response would be a blank look, followed by some quick explanations, after which I usually end up on my fallback of "Y'know Shrek? Finding Nemo? Yeah, that sorta thing." Which usually nets me a half-comprehending, yet still largely bewildered expression. Well, better'n nothing.

So I'm at the pub Friday with some buddies, one of whom had brought his friend X along. After a bit of a potential catastrophe-avoidance with another friend, I start talking to X. The usual niceties and small-talk, and of course the "So what do you do?" question. "I'm a freelance 2D and 3D artist," I say, fully expecting the infamous blank stare.

"Oh, so you do modelling and stuff?"

Damned if I didn't have to restrain myself from proposing right there and then. Turns out this banker loves art and drawing, and would love to get into fashion design or some other art-related field some day. Shit, she even liked the mohawk.

ps. Jungfroid, saw your comment. Whenever you can send those over, that would be much appreciated. If you can't find the other two, that's cool. My eye was mainly set on Sneak King anyways, since it just seemed so apt for the character of those commercials. :D Take your time, though; I still haven't gotten my hands on a 360 just yet.

pps. Seems the justification on this beta blogger thing is a little inconsistent. What a pain in the ass. o_O


Blogger Praxis Loki said...

Just wait until you ask if you can do a 3d model of her. For some reason, I don't see it being as sensuous as the famously hackneyed "sketch" ploy.

5:07 AM, November 30, 2006


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